We proudly represent some of the strongest brands and companies in the world

Bonaventura Scandza represents many strong brands, ranging from major global producers to national niche companies.

We have a long-term cooperation with our partners. We have managed to become the preferred distribution company in the Nordics by delivering on our partners’ expectations.

Our goal is to act as a supplier’s regional office and be the main contact for all brand relations in the market. We are an efficient, rational, easy-to-work-with partner with passion and “drive”. We use our competence to create the best local brand strategy for every partner that we work with.

We sell products within a variety of categories, such as food, snacks, candy, health, personal care, OTC, detergents and children’s items. Within biscuits and confectionary we also own some strong brands. All our products are certified according EU regulations.

Become better acquainted with the brands we represent:

Scandza was established in 2007 with the purpose of offering iconic Scandinavian brands


Based on tradition since 1890. Purveyor to The Royal Danish court since 1997, Bisca ships its famous Danish butter cookies to markets all over the world.


Within biscuits and confectionary we own some strong local brands. All our products are certified according EU regulations.


Cabico is the leading cake brand for the UK independent grocer. A range of high value cakes that offer taste and quality to all consumers. Cabico are continually developing their brand with exciting new products and ideas!

Royal Biscuit

Royal Biscuit has passionately delivered great tasting cakes and biscuits since its foundation in 1978. Our cakes and biscuits put a smile on the face on every consumer who tastes our products.

Other partners


One of Poland’s leading cake and biscuit brands, Delisana Jaffa Cakes and Cookies are delicious and popular treats for all the family.

Hans Freitag

Consistent quality and value are core values of this popular family bakery in Germany. Bright and colourful packs containing both assorted biscuits and waffles.

Vast Bakery

An excellent range of great value Dutch cakes including Almond Fingers, Apple Rounds and Custard Cakes.


One of our longest partners, the wide range of Balconi cakes are very popular with families in the UK. Balconi cakes suit a variety of occasions from lunchboxes to desserts and are a vital must stock range for all shop owners.

Baked Earth

From a family bakery in Nottingham, Baked Earth Naans are a wonderful accompaniment to any Indian meal.

De Las Heras

A family business founded in Spain in 1955 offering a wide range of quality magdalenas and minimuffins in several shapes sizes and flavours. A great treat at any time a day.